A Unique Process Designed to Grow & Protect Wealth

Institutional Clients

Our institutional clients include public and private foundations, endowments and pension funds. In many cases we serve as an outsourced chief investment officer for our clients, allowing them time to focus on their operational mandates. The Waterfront Group will develop and maintain an Investment Policy Statement that outlines the goals and objectives our clients wish to achieve.

We will provide continuing education presentations for your board of directors and perform quarterly reviews of investments, IPS and disbursement quotas. We will also fulfill individual mandates such as constructing alternative investment portfolios specifically designed to provide predictable returns with low volatility and correlation to traditional asset classes.

We ensure strict due diligence, prudent, and informed fiscal judgment is applied. Skilled management of foundational finances is crucial to maintain the stability of the funding organizations that serve and enrich our community.

 Institutional Client Brochure

Private Client Group

Wealth is more than just investments. It includes all assets such as a family business, vacation home, real estate, charitable funds and more. Our family office approach ensures that all advisors work together in a coordinated manner towards an integrated wealth strategy for the client that we believe will best mitigate risk and create greater possibilities.

Our Philosophy has been shaped by some of the most successful pension and endowment funds in the world. Our models emulate this approach by using both traditional and non-traditional investments. Our conservative approach has helped clients achieve stable and consistent returns.

The Waterfront Group has become well-known for their objectivity and unbiased advice and has earned a reputation of distinction in wealth management. Our trust is earned through transparency, accountability and results. We are tireless in our pursuit to become better and more knowledgeable for you.

 Private Client Brochure